Video: The Toyota Prius has its own anime idols

The weirdest thing you'll see all week
by Niky Tamayo | Jan 21, 2016

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The new Toyota Prius is, admittedly, more than just a little unusual. But what is even more unusual is the new marketing material associated with it in Japan. Say hello to the Prius Impossible Girls!

Yup. That's a video about the Prius's mechanical and electronic bits, anthropomorphized into sexy anime characters called "Impossible Girls," all voiced by popular animation voice actors and pop singers.

In addition to the teaser video and artwork released on the Japanese site, Toyota has "voice catalogs" that, we assume, educate you about each, part. They will also be releasing music and games to go along with this cast of 40 diverse characters, each representing some part or feature of the car. Even the hill-hold and parking assist get their own characters. There's also a strategy card game available, if you can read Japanese.

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Bizarre? Definitely. But we must admit that we've seen stranger things out of Japan.


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