Video: These might be the perfect gifts for car-loving kids this Christmas

They're called WooBots
by Drei Laurel | Nov 25, 2015

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Remember back in the day when transforming toys were simple? More important than their simplicity, back then they were built like tanks! You could drop an '80s Transformer from several feet up and barely notice a scratch when you picked it up. You can't say the same about toys these days, unfortunately. In many ways, today's toys have lost their pizzazz as well as their durability.

Luckily for toy lovers, a small startup based in Toronto, Canada, called Bamloff is going back to the basics of toy-making. No mass production, no fancy accessories or gizmos. For Bamloff, it's all about simple, honest creativity. The company has come out with a line of wooden transforming vehicles called WooBots as part of its Transforfun robot lineup, and they look as fun as they are simple.

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So far, there are several characters in Bamloff's lineup. Each one is about 18cm in height and fully transformable, and is made from high-quality lumber cut via laser. They'd make perfect gifts for parents looking to introduce their kids to the joys of transforming toys--a great alternative to today's mass-produced piles of plastic.

The best part is that the company isn't in it for the money at all. Bamloff is currently on Kickstarter trying to raise funds for further production this Christmas season--they've even stated that they will give priority to customers who'll be giving the toys as gifts during the holidays. A single WooBot figure carries a $19 (P893) price tag, while the whole set can be had for $99 (P4,654). They ship overseas, and you can get yourself a WooBot in exchange for supporting its maker's Kickstarter campaign.

So, if you still haven't decided on a gift for a car-loving kid this Christmas season, you might want to look into the WooBots. Sure, they may not be as flashy as modern toys, but that's not what Bamloff is trying to achieve here. Check out the video above to see what these toys are all about.

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