Video: Tightest parallel-parking stunt is now down to 7.5cm

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Jan 16, 2015
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Video: Tightest parallel park stunt is now down to 7.5cm

The last time we reported about the world's tightest parallel-parking stunt, it was in December 2012 with German stunt driver Ronny Wechselberger sliding a black Volkswagen Up in between two red Ups with just 14cm to spare.

Well, it seems that record has been impressively broken by British driver Alastair Moffatt, director of stunt driving experience organizer Stunt Drive UK, by power-sliding a white Fiat 500 in between two similar car models. The only modifications supposedly done to Moffat's car were to disable its stability control program and slightly increase its tire pressure. As for the total gap between Moffatt's car and the other two 500s? A mere 7.5cm (less than 3in). The record, however, still needs to be verified by the Guinness World Records organization.

Moffatt had reportedly held the record twice, the most recent being on July 22, 2013, with 8.6cm (3.4in). Amusingly enough, on Moffatt's Facebook page, Wechselberger chided Moffatt for the existence of the video documenting that record-breaking stunt.

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Check out the stunt in the video below.

Photo from Stunt Driving UK's Facebook page


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