Video: Watch Mobil 1 give regular vehicles an F1-style car wash

With a cameo by Jenson Button
Jun 7, 2014 Philippine Car News - Video: Watch Mobil 1 give regular cars an F1-style carwash

Getting your car washed certainly takes time. In the 30 or so minutes it takes to wash down your car, lather it up with shampoo, wash off the suds and buff it dry--not to mention vacuuming the interior and cleaning the floor mats--you either grab a quick bite to eat or play with your smartphone just to pass the time.

Well, petroleum brand Mobil 1 shows us just how fast cleaning a car can be when done with the speed of a Formula 1-like pit stop. Even McLaren Mercedes driver and 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button joins the fun as he waits for his turn with his MP4-29.

Check out the stunt in the video below.


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