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Video: We found a cool way to get rid of post-traffic stress and anxiety

But it's a little too expensive

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Traffic gets to everyone. Even the most experienced and most patient drivers are going to snap at some point, which is why we have to do everything in our power to keep our cool in bumper-to-bumper situations. But what people sometimes forget is that the stress and tension from being caught in a slowly moving parking lot for hours actually carries over until afterward--up until you get home from work.

While some people would simply grab a cold bottle of beer and turn on the television, others really need to let out a good deal of steam before being able to relax. One popular way of venting stress after a long commute is with a quick session of Grand Theft Auto V. But when a few hours' worth of running over bad guys still won't cut it, you might need something bigger than a handheld controller. This is where Force Dynamics comes in.

Force Dynamics is a New York-based motion simulator manufacturer known for producing some of the most realistic systems to date. The company's setups are a little pricey, ranging from $30,000 (P1,415,489) for the base package, to $85,000 (P4,010,553) for the top-of-the-line 401 CR system. A pretty steep asking price considering you can buy a real car with that money. But if you're serious about video games, who are we to judge?

Anyway, GTA V is a popular video game where the player basically drives around causing chaos--you can run over baddies, do crazy car stunts and the like. What better way to relieve post-traffic anxiety than with feeling every bump, crash and explosion around you as you wreak havoc on the virtual city of Los Santos? Although we have to agree with the gamer in the video above, who admits it's a little bothersome to "feel" pedestrians as they crash against your windshield.

So, if you're stuck in traffic and you suddenly feel the urge to just ram the vehicle in front of you, don't. Wait until you get home and cause all the pileups you want in the virtual world. It will feel just as real with a Force Dynamics simulator anyway. Besides, baka ma-Top Gear ka pa.


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