Video: Wondering how it feels like to drive the new Hyundai i20 Cross Sport?

Watch as we get first dibs
by Drei Laurel | Jun 22, 2015

Hyundai i20 Cross Sport

Hyundai's latest addition to the crossover line definitely lives up to its potential. The i20 Cross Sport is a well-balanced combination of premium features and a durable build, perfect for the active lifestyle of an urban adventurer.

The interior, previously thought to be one of Hyundai's weak points, is actually not bad in this crossover. "Inside, the first impression is that Hyundai has really stepped up its game," Paulo Subido writes in our magazine's June 2015 issue. "The Cross Sport's cabin feels relatively expensive and durable, and there are a lot of premium features for this price range."

Despite the crossover's rugged features and durable feel, our print associate editor thinks that anyone taking the wheel of the i20 Cross Sport shouldn't expect it to handle serious off-road duty. "Still, rough roads and city floods should pose no threat," he added. You can expect it to breeze through the occasional abuse of the urban jungle.

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To read more about Hyundai's latest crossover offering, grab our June issue or download the digital edition today. In the meantime, watch our first impressions in the video below.


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