Video: You'll want a Honda Civic after watching this

Turbocharged VTEC engine is real deal
by Dinzo Tabamo | Jun 10, 2016

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When car guys trace how their love of automobiles evolved, there’s usually a Honda Civic in there somewhere. It could be a college ride, a first car or a project vehicle, but ownership of this esteemed model always has emotion involved.

From a hip student transport, the Civic grew in size and pricing until it became a cushy urban cruiser. Fanboys filled online automotive forums with laments about missing the classic ’90s Hondas they loved, decrying the “softness” that had crept into the Civic generations hence.

A report early last year suddenly reignited excitement for this model. The words "turbo" and "VTEC" whetted our appetite for the next-generation Civic. The local introduction lived up to the hype, revealing a sexy, raked body so sleek it became a fastback. Even the arrival of the units at the port became news.

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Since sales have yet to begin, only those who attended the dealership and mall viewings have seen the new Civic. Until you start seeing units on the street, we hope this little video we produced will tide you over.

Welcome back, Civic.


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