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Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa might be the ‘Fast’ family’s newest bromance

PHOTO: Vin Diesel

Production of the 10th Fast and Furious film is off to a rocky start after long-running series director Justin Lin suddenly dropped out of the project—supposedly due to a “major disagreement” with franchise star and producer Vin Diesel.

“Justin finally had enough and said, ‘This movie is not worth my mental health,’” a source told the Hollywood Reporter regarding Lin’s abrupt departure.

This, and Diesel’s heated relationship with former cast member Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, may suggest the action star might be a difficult work buddy. But on the contrary, Diesel and the latest member of the Fast family, Jason Momoa, appear to be getting along just fine.

Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa on set:

Diesel recently posted behind-the-scenes footage of him and Momoa on the set being all buddy-buddy on the hood of one of the film’s vehicles.

“How do I feel? I feel amazing. Day one, me and you together buddy,” Momoa tells Diesel, describing his fifth week of filming and the first day of a new action sequence production is putting together.

The purple car shown in the video appears to be an old-school Dodge Charger and is one of the rides Momoa will be behind the wheel of in the film. He shares he digs the color because it matches his nails.

Tension? What tension? What do you think the vibe is like on the set of Fast and Furious 10?

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PHOTO: Vin Diesel
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