Is the modern Volkswagen Beetle a worthy successor?

A look at the modern 'Kuba'
by Jason Tulio | Nov 4, 2017

The old Volkswagen Beetle, better known as the Type 1, is one of the most iconic vehicles to ever hit an assembly line. What began life as a commissioned project by none other than Adolf Hitler himself endured for decades as a reliable and durable car for the everyman. What it lacked in size and power, it made up with a quirky design and strong recall among consumers. 

Most people above a certain age can probably share a story or two about the original Bug. My family owned one built in circa 1968 in the early '90s. It had its share of problems after nearly three decades of use, but we took it on many memorable road trips and we were proud to call it our own. It was a sad day at home when it left our garage for the last time. Though we were getting a brand-new car in exchange, the Beetle had left a lasting impression

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It was deja vu, at least for me, when we got the chance to drive the current iteration. Compared to my family's old Beetle, this one had lighter steering, a much comfier ride, and a working aircon system. But it had elements that took us on a trip down memory lane, back to our own personal pendong memories.  Maybe it was the styling, or that indescribable feeling that you were indeed driving a Beetle. The impression it left on me was not dissimilar to the one I felt back in the '90s. In 2017, the Type 1's legacy lives on. 

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Do you think the modern Beetle lives up the reputation of the old one? Watch our video and let us know your thoughts below. 

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