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These cars were challenging to drive even for a two-time World Rally champ

“If a car slides at 180kph, it’s okay. At 200kph, it gets a bit tricky”

1. Porsche 935

“In the wet, I was holding the wheel with both hands and jamming my knee against it, but I couldn’t keep it straight. If a car slides at 180kph, it’s okay. At 200kph, it gets a bit tricky.”

2. Porsche Carrera GT

“It had handling like a race car, but there were big problems with the tires. We never had a proper tire for the car. I own one, and it is still on its first set...”

3. Audi A2 Quattro

“When only two or three people in the world can drive the car properly, maybe it’s not a good idea. But all that power was fun. And the five-cylinder was such a nice sound...”

4. Audi 90 IMSA

“It had so much power. Even with slick tires and four-wheel drive, you’d go round the corner making four black lines behind you. It was fantastic...”

5. Porsche 911 GT2

“I did 307kph in Pflanzgarten on the Nordschleife. Faster than I go in a race car. It was getting very loose. There’s no space for mistakes. If you get a twitch, you’d disappear...”

NOTE: This article first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.

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