Watch: Shell teams up with Subaru for an epic road trip

The destination? Baguio and La Union
Sep 24, 2015

From the moment the first car warbled down the street under its own power, people have gone driving for fun.

It’s a natural human response to being presented with a powerful machine and the chance to travel. Now, more than ever, the same holds true. Sights and vistas previously accessible only to the rich and foolhardy are now fair game.

Even modern cubicle workers have, at their fingertips, the opportunity to drive out on a whim, even on a Friday night, to spend an action-packed weekend in some far-flung province. And as long as everyone gets back in time for dinner on Sunday, there isn’t a thing left to worry about.

That’s the premise of the Shell V-Power Nitro+ and Subaru Philippines Weekend Warrior project: that the best way to unwind is to escape the city and go on an exciting drive.

That’s why this team of bright young thrill-seekers is going on a road trip that they won’t soon forget. And so it is that Clyde Polintan, his girlfriend Kasey Caalam, and their buddy Maita Bueno find themselves, bags packed, with an all-new 2015 Subaru Legacy and 2015 Subaru Outback, tanks full of high-octane fun.

The destination? Baguio, the famously fair-weather haven north of Metro Manila, and La Union, our very own surf city. Well before sunrise, the team is ready and raring to go.

Take a look at their journey here:

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