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Watch Travis Pastrana send it in a (highly-modded) classic Subaru

Travis Pastrana hoons a Subaru for Gymkhana
PHOTO: Hoonigan

Welcome to The Adventures of The Family Huckster. Or perhaps they should be misadventures, considering the audacity of throwing a modified block of Eighties Japanese wagon through the air at 265kph.

Travis Pastrana has delivered, quite literally, his ode to sideways heroics with one of the wildest Gymkhana instalments in the series. Taking over from Ken Block, Pastrana’s brief is thus: take a humble Subaru GL Wagon (also known as the Leone wagon), stick loads of power in it, call in some favors from friends with choppers and planes and monster trucks, unleash chaos.

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Job well and truly done, we’d proffer. “The GL Wagon is an iconic Subaru that I thought would be pretty rad to see flying through the air,” Pastrana said at the car’s reveal earlier this year. This is about as literal a description of his new video as possible. Especially considering it’s titled ‘Travis Pastrana goes beserk in Florida’.

You can learn a little more about the Leone and a bit of Subaru history here, but if you came here for 'gawp in wide-eyed wonder at some automotive acrobatics' as opposed to ‘reading’, then grab a snack, hit play, and suspend thine belief.

This story first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: Hoonigan
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