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Wellington Soong: Jaguar Land Rover PH president, father to industry execs


Wellington Soong

The father of high-end automotive brands Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover and Maserati in the Philippines, Wellington Soong, believes that passion cannot be imposed on people, not even on his own sons.

"To be candidly factual about it, I cannot force my sons to love dolls," says the executive, who is known to always wear a pair of boots. In this exclusive interview with TopGear.com.ph, Wellington shares how his sons Marc and Jason learned to love the automotive brands he is carrying. Both his sons have helped him in the family's car business.

The Jaguar Land Rover Philippines executive also recalls how he learned to drive and how awkward his first private driving sessions with his sons were. "I already knew they had been asking the driver to let them drive," the auto industry dad reveals. "So the atmosphere was tense. You could even cut the air."

In the short clip, Soong narrates how he mentored his kids behind the wheel and emphasized the importance of being a responsible and safe driver. The latter is an important lesson for the kids of today. Share it with your family.

Photo by Mark Jesalva

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