What keeps a customer loyal?

The owner of Customer’s Cradle explains why his customers keep coming back
Dec 9, 2016
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Over the course of more than 25 years, Customer’s Cradle in Las Pinas has managed to build an unflinchingly loyal customer base. This casa-within-a-Shell-station sees anywhere from 80 to 120 cars per day, each one looking for the kind of special attention the Cradle’s highly trained crew can provide. For many customers, there’s no other option; they’ll come back—and keep coming back—any time their vehicles need servicing.

Proprietor Why Dagondon attributes this loyalty to three major reasons:

Honesty. First and foremost, car owners need to know every single detail about the services their automobiles are getting or need, and this is information that Customer’s Cradle freely gives. In fact, their customer lounge has a display akin to the arrivals board at an airport: clients are kept posted on when their cars are queued for service, when they’re being worked on, and when everything’s done.

Customer care. Comfort is a major factor in the Cradle’s success. Anyone who’s had their car serviced for three hours in the average casa will attest to how much of a pain it is to wait in the sweltering heat. Why, in contrast, provides a spacious, air-conditioned lounge complete with television, free coffee, and comfy seating for anyone waiting.

Commitment to quality. Perhaps the biggest key to Customer’s Cradle’s success, however, has to be the fact that they never settle for anything less than the best. Their crew, for instance, regularly undergoes training to sharpen their skills or learn new ones. When it comes to oil changes, they offer oils like Shell Helix Ultra, which they’ve tested over the years in all sorts of cars and conditions, and have been found to prevent sludge buildup.

This commitment to quality is what builds the customers’ trust, and what keeps them coming back. It’s loyalty earned through their best feet — and oil — forward. For more on what Why has to say about loyalty, check out this video:

Customer’s Cradle is located at 1747 Alabang-Zapote Rd., Talon Uno, Las Pinas, Metro Manila. You can contact them at 874-6168.

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