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Misappropriated fuel vouchers

Today, we received a screenshot of a social-media post by somebody who, we assume, is the son of a government (or Philippine National Police) official. The photo, which we shared on our Facebook page, shows two PNP fuel vouchers, each one entitling the bearer to 10L of Petron XCS Plus. Valid only for the first quarter of 2015, the fuel vouchers even have visible serial numbers, which should make tracing their rightful owner easy.

The guy who posted this photo on his social-media channel gave it this caption: "Gas supply when in PH. Thanks, Pa." The automatic assumptions one can make are that, first, the person is based overseas and merely comes home to the Philippines occasionally, and, second, the source of these fuel vouchers is his father.

Of course, as taxpayers, people have the right to question this. Are government fuel vouchers being misappropriated for the personal use of the kin of government or police officials? As you can imagine, the post attracted rather scathing comments. Here are 10 of the most sensible ones:

This is why corrupt parents get caught! - Sandrene Lei Vicente

* Some government official will lose his job because of 20L of fuel.Pokz Hubac

* You should be thanking us--that's our tax money. - Joseph Chan

* I am the son of a retired policeman. Never did I take advantage of my father's position. I feel shame for this person. - Carlo Martinez

* Good for him that he has free fuel. Meanwhile, the ambulances of some public hospitals do not, and it's the patients who have to shell out money for gas. - Tep Solomon

* My tax just went down the drain.Raymond Buensuceso Rivera

* In Mindanao, some police patrol cars often don't have fuel. And then this is what you do in Manila? - Ann Zoreta

It is not only unethical, it is also illegal. It's called misappropriation of public funds. Those gas vouchers are to be used by officials for official vehicles used in official functions. Anyone trying to justify it as anything other than that is a nincompoop.Arthur Go Ifurung

* And then when you call the cops, you'll be the one to gas up their patrol car before they can help you.Dennis Macalisang

This should only be used by the government official to whom it was given. As a courtesy to taxpayers, he should not distribute it to his clan.Clinton Balud

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