Who's the better driver: Russ Swift or Ken Block?

Mr. Swift tells us who
by Vernon B. Sarne | Apr 19, 2011

Russ SwiftBy now, you've probably seen all the precision-driving stunts of Russ Swift, who comes to Manila every year to grace the Manila International Auto Show. He's one heck of a driver, in case this fact has escaped you. You'd think a man with this kind of otherworldly driving skills would be a global mega-celebrity by now.

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Well, Russ is a celebrity all right, but he's not as popular and hot right now as that Ken Block dude, who makes all those viral gymkhana videos that make us grown men recoil with insecurity. Our question is: Who's the better driver between the two?

Thankfully, Russ Swift has provided the answer to this question himself. During his recent Manila visit for another MIAS performance, he was talking to one of our colleagues when the topic somehow veered toward Ken Block. His pithy assessment of the question posed here: "The difference between Ken Block and myself is that I only require a single take."

Enough said. Russ Swift for the win!

Photo by Mikko David


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