Why are pickup trucks so popular in the PH?

Today's pickups are no longer just for hauling and carrying things around
Jul 8, 2019
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It sounds unlikely now, but there was a time when pickup trucks were merely viewed as something people use for hauling heavy cargo. The rugged appeal has always been there, but they weren't exactly everyone's first choice in terms of convenience and driving experience.

Today, Filipino motorists opt for pickups as their daily drivers or as their preferred vehicle for ferrying their families. But it didn't happen overnight.

Throughout the years, car manufacturers have made them more convenient and fun to drive. A look at a modern pickup's spec sheet will show you features such as climate control air-conditioning, touchscreen displays for the infotainment systems, steering wheel controls, sensors, reversing cameras, and automatic parking and braking.

But despite their increased levels of comfort, they continue to possess the rugged machismo that's at the core of their appeal. Again, look at the specs: You'll spot goodies like 4x4, different driving modes for terrain, and a suitably powerful engine to match.

If you're on the hunt for a modern pickup packed with performance and safety features, the search stops with Ford's current Ranger lineup.

Whether it's the base XLS or XLT equipped with the 2.2-liter engine, the single-turbo 2.0-liter Wildtrak, or the top-spec twin-turbo version, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak will meet your standards with flying colors. The top-spec Wildtrak features a new 10-speed automatic transmission, along with features like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC, Active Park Assist (APA), and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

If you're after a performance pickup with capable Fox suspension, look no further than the Ford Ranger Raptor. It packs a 210hp bi-turbo engine under the hood with increased ride height and a wider track underneath, so that's the performance part handled. The exteriors are also worth noting: Its black alloy wheels and rugged 17-inch off-road tires look badass whether on- or off-road.

As far as performance, safety, and durability are concerned, Ford's Ranger lineup checks all the boxes. No wonder pickup trucks are so popular today.

If you're thinking of getting a Ford Ranger, now would be a good time to get one. Ford PH is pulling out great deals just in time for Truck Month, which means discounts will be up for grabs in the coming weeks. Visit https://www.ford.com.ph/shopping/hot-deals/2019/truckmonth for more details.

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