Why you never forget your first car

This was a BIG first
Jan 20, 2017
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In this age of social media and short attention spans, it is hard to remember things as they go by so swiftly. Some memories are not worth keeping, others you simply let go of. You're also bound to forget some things: your email password, your #monthsary (God forbid, for your sake), or maybe even, that you have a really important meeting to be at right now—in which case, get moving! 

For everything that may skip your mind, one thing will forever remain unforgettable: your firsts, such as your first car. More than just the make, model, and color, your memory of it runs deep. Everyone who's ever owned a car can attest to this. If you're just about to get a new set of wheels for yourself, here are a few things that will make it extra special. 

Ticket to freedom. Stick the key into the ignition, turn it, and listen to the engine come to life. That's the sound of freedom. It's the sound of countless road trips with friends, going on escapades, meeting new people, discovering places, trying things for the first time, and doing things on your own—without having to depend on others to bring you around. This car is your four-wheel ticket to adventure—a chance to see the world from behind the wheel of your ride.

Lesson on responsibility. Maintaining a car isn't just something to be passive about—it takes involvement and responsibility to keep your wheels in tip-top shape. With the keys of your new baby comes an added responsibility, which starts immediately after she leaves the showroom. Owning a car isn't just something to be passive about—it takes involvement and responsibility to keep your wheels in tip-top shape. Be religious with the maintenance and never cheap-out on things like parts and lubricants. These will keep your ride running smoother, for longer. Aside from regular car maintenance, there's also the yearly registration you have to pay for. Lest you forget, it is also your responsibility to be a prudent driver on the road. Never drink and drive. 

Failing and winning at being swabe. Of course you want to be cool and give the ladies a ride home, though most of them may say no. Well, at first. Then you start to realize that your car is just a tool, and that you have to learn how to talk to women properly and not just try to impress. You let them listen to music and set up picnics for two from your trunk. Turns out, they like you and your car, too.

There's nothing like the first, that's for sure. And the feeling can never be replicated; so make sure you take the lessons your first car will give you to heart. It's in this way that this hunk of metal will live on forever.  

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