Poll: Will you allow your wife to prevent you from buying a big bike?

A husband's dilemma
by Aris Ilagan | Sep 23, 2016

big bike philippines

After long years of shedding blood, sweat and tears, and rubbing your butt on your office chair eight hours a day to earn extra money, you're now entertaining thoughts of treating yourself by buying your dream motorcycle.

You’ve already provided for your family's needs: from education, life insurance, housing, vacation home, and even a trust fund.

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So you filled up the manager’s check, got the brochure of your favorite motorbike, talked to a dealer for a special discount, and were able to get the unit with your favorite color.

Everything is set except for one thing—your wife threatened to abandon you if you purchase a motorbike.

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You tried to get her nod on several occasions but to no avail. You’ve talked to your parents in a bid to get their endorsement but you failed. And it even came to a point that you went to several churches and walked toward the altar on your knees, asking for divine intervention.

Have you been in this dilemma?


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