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Apr 29, 2017
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In this digital age, you can get a powerful message across with the simple tap of a button. One might take it for granted—it's just a simple tap, after all. But as we have all encountered one time or another, what we do on our mobile devices can have noteworthy effects.

Take rating an Uber driver, for example. It's done with a simple tap and you might just feel like you’re giving your honest opinion, but before you press that rate button, think—perhaps there’s an explanation to whatever misunderstanding you may have had in your ride.

In the video below, pay special attention to the driver. Some might say he’s just shy, while others might go as far as calling him a snob. Click play and it might shed some light on a matter that you may not have considered before:

As this video shows, things aren’t always what they seem. What might come off as snobbish could be something much, much deeper.

For those with hearing impediments, Uber has their Beethoven feature which gives drivers who are hard-of-hearing an equal chance to earn a living as part of the Uber community. After all, statistics show that about six in every 1,000 Filipino households have a resident who is deaf.

What the Beethoven feature does is replace the methods of communication that deaf drivers can’t use to ones that work with their handicap. Trip requests are signaled by flashing lights, and communication with riders is done via messaging. The option to call them is turned off, and the rider is also alerted of the driver’s disability. In the video, the riders seemed to have been too preoccupied to notice their phones, but were informed of the situation once they were able to check their phones.

“We believe in the potential of our disabled kababayans and their drive to make a difference in this world," Uber Philippines GM Laurence Cua says of the Beethoven feature.

So the next time you rate your Uber driver, think twice before tapping on your screen. An act of compassion and understanding can go a long way.

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