The best of YouTube: Carpool Karaoke with the Foo Fighters

Heeey, don't let it go to waste!
by Jason Tulio | Sep 25, 2017

Carpool Karaoke with Dave Grohl and the band. Enough said. Click play, rock out, and enjoy.


Conan O’Brien visits Waze HQ. You just know that hilarity will ensue when Coco drops by your office. The late-night host travels all the way to Tel Aviv to negotiate a stubborn left turn.


Beginner's (bad) luck. A group of skateboarders get behind the wheel of professional drift cars for their first-ever donut experience. It’s all fun at first, until one of the cars starts putting out more smoke than it should.


Brotherly love. Think you and your bro are tight? Well, has he ever bought you a kickass Porsche? We get the feeling that these elite millennials are the kind of people that The Chainsmokers love to sing about.


A drivable hot tub. A Bimmer covered in artificial grass, barbecue grill and leaf blowers bolted to the body, and the interior filled with water. Genius or blasphemy? You tell us. 

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