You absolutely have to watch this 3-minute Paul Walker video

To see the kind of man he really was
Dec 18, 2013


Since the shocking death of The Fast & The Furious star Paul Walker in a car crash a couple of weeks ago, several tribute videos have surfaced on the Internet, including one featuring his car collection and another put together by the very people behind the car-movie franchise that made the actor a global celebrity.

But more than Walker\'s obsession with cars--more than the sleek scenes that showed him racing down the highway in a Nissan Skyline--there was a side to him that people have to know. It was the part of his life as founder of the humanitarian organization Reach Out Worldwide. If you can spare three minutes of your precious time, kindly watch the video below. We guarantee you that if you\'re not a fan of Paul Walker now, you\'ll be one before the short clip ends.


If you\'re viewing this on a mobile device and can\'t see the video, please click here.

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