You've found a good talyer if the owner has dirty hands

Hands-on service is vital
Aug 24, 2017
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Wilson & Jackson’s General Manager JR Gan believes that you’ve found a reliable auto repair shop if the owner isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty. This is probably the reason why you’d usually see his hands and safety boots all greased up. 

This do-it-all automotive shop in Malabon City has been in the industry for more than four decades; and they have already served thousands of clients—from the ordinary Juan to large companies. But what keeps Wilson and Jackson successful, and well-loved by their customers? 

Dependable service 

According to JR, good and quality service is their main selling point. Instilling values of discipline and love for work, he and his siblings have built a team that does everything. Whether you need simple maintenance service, detailing, or body repair, their mechanics can deliver. 

Hands-on owner

One unique thing about JR as a shop owner is that he does the troubleshooting himself. He achieves fulfillment when his hands are dirty. Beacause of this service philosophy, his shop has gained the confidence of his clients—knowing that the owner really understands and cares for cars. 

Personalized customer relationship

Treating their patrons as friends and family, the shop's mechanics give practical car repair advice to customers instead of just doing the repairs without consulting them. This helps clients get their cars fixed with the parts they prefer—keeping the costs more manageable. And this further won their customers’ trust and confidence. 

Quality parts and lubricants

JR 's skills would mean nothing if they use unreliable parts and lubricants. That is why they only recommend the ones that can really last. When it comes to engine oil, his shop only trusts Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology. According to JR, his clients can attest to its effectiveness in preventing wear, reducing fuel consumption, and ensuring engine protection.

If you're looking for a talyer that you can rely on, consider one that provides personalized and hands-on services. Check the hands of the owner and you'll know if you've found a good one.

Shell Helix Ultra keeps up with the ever-changing demands of vehicles by ensuring improved engine performance. Formulated with Shell PurePlus Technology, it keeps engine clean and protects it from sludge, prolonging its life.

Use Shell Helix Ultra on your next oil change for better engine protection and performance; to know more visit Shell's website today.


Wilson and Jackson

Jacinto Gan Jr.


McArthur Hiway Potrero, Malabon City

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