Best of YouTube: Taking a driving test in a hypercar

by Drei Laurel | Sep 17, 2018
PHOTO: TheStradman

Taking a driving test in a hypercar

What better way to teach a young driver the value of responsibility than by letting him take the exam inside a multi-million dollar Italian hypercar? One wrong move and he'll have to work the next five summers paying off that dent, right?

The luxury-car rental business is intense

It's a tough world out there. That tiny siomai stand on the corner of the street? It probably sees as much competition as a Formula 1 race on a daily basis. But the luxury car rental business? It's on a whole different level, apparently.

A tire blowout at 300kph

When your car messes up at 300kph, it's a matter of life and death. Wait for the 2:05 mark in the video.

A proper video game tribute

Remember the Warthog from Halo? If you're a gamer, you probably spent countless hours with your friends causing chaos behind the wheel of one of these babies. Well, it's a real car now. The only thing missing is the gun turret in the back.

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Did the oil industry kill LA's public transportation?

Los Angeles once had a public transportation system that was ahead of its time, including an impressive electric streetcar system. What happened? Well, according to conspiracy theories, "Big Oil" happened.

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PHOTO: TheStradman
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