Best of YouTube: How much fuel does an idling car really waste?

Are start-stop systems worth it?
by Drei Laurel | Oct 3, 2018
PHOTO: Engineering Explained

How much fuel does your car waste on idle?

Apparently, sitting idly in traffic burns up more fuel than you think. This video by Engineering Explained might make you reconsider calling start-stop ignition systems a dealership cash grab next time.

This Miata was transformed into a go-anywhere roadster

The Mazda MX-5 ticks almost all the right boxes. It's fun and affordable, and it allows drivers to zip around with the wind in their face. How do you make something this good even better? If you dig off-roaders, there's only one answer.

EV batteries are more useful than you think

Don't let Tesla's recent troubles with the Securities and Exchange Commission fool you—the EV industry is really going places, with or without the presence of Elon Musk. If this video is to be believed, one day your electric car will power more than just your daily commute.

Passing a drive-thru in a tank

Well, that's one way to get the drive-thru attendant's attention. We think there's no chance in hell the staff will let the driver of a running tank wait for his side order of fries.

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We hope this motorist brought a change of pants

Or at least wore brown ones before driving out. This is about as close as close calls get.

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PHOTO: Engineering Explained
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