Best of YouTube: How to heel-toe shift for beginners and advanced drivers

Useful for overtaking, slowing down, and a number of other situations
by Lije Martin | Jan 14, 2020

Shift gears like a pro

Getting a car with a manual transmission isn’t really the ideal choice for most people here considering the heavy stop-and-go traffic in our cities and on our highways. That doesn’t mean, however, that the good old stick-shift isn’t fun when the roads clear up. Here’s a video on how to heel-and-toe shift properly so that you can use the full potential of your manual ride when you need it the most.

What do some of your favorite athletes drive?

Professional athletes get pretty huge paychecks for doing what they do, so it’s no surprise that they can afford some of the most lavish cars available on the market. Here are some of the cars owned by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham, and LeBron James.

Some love and care for this Supra

This Mk4 Toyota Supra gets some major cleaning and detailing to rid its paint job of some annoying imperfections.


Time lapse: A Mazda RX-7 gets the widebody treatment

Watch this Mazda RX-7 FC transform from a rusty, pale-looking car to a sleek, wide-bodied machine. Keeping the 13B rotary engine also makes a lot of the purists happy.

The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is something out of a fantasy.

Merc’s latest concept is a collaboration with the makers of Avatar. Given its unique scaled taillight design and non-traditional interior, we think it would take a long time before we can see something like this on the road. What do you think?

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PHOTO: Team O'Neil (from YouTube)
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