Best of YouTube: Mercedes-Benz grants blind mechanic’s wish to get behind the wheel

Far into the sunset he goes
by Lije Martin | Jul 15, 2019

Dream to drive

A blind mechanic’s dream comes true as he’s given the chance of a lifetime to drive a Mercedes-AMG GT R on a seemingly endless dirt road. No obstacles, no boundaries, just pure fun between man and machine. Seeing his face light up as he drives into the sunset is bound to brighten up your day as well.

Looking into drifting? Look out for these mistakes as well

For those looking to get started on drifting, a fair warning—its a cool but expensive hobby. After some wear and tear on your car (hopefully not from a crash), parts can get pretty pricey when it’s time for a replacement. So do watch for these rookie drifting mistakes to help keep your expenses manageable and your learning experience fun.

Some fast driving advice around the track

Fast driving isn’t merely about flooring the throttle on a straight and hoping nothing cuts in front of you. No, responsible fast driving is about how much control you have over your car when going at high speeds. With that said, here’s professional race car driver Mark Wilkins to show how its done.

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The 370Z Nismo faces the friendly neighborhood Toyota 86 TRD

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Which of these two modern, naturally aspirated coupes do you prefer? The 370Z remains almost unchanged throughout its run since 2009, but the formula is still good for 2020the proof is in this Nismo edition. The Z is more powerful than the 86 and also costs a lot more, but can it topple the 86’s fun factor and value for money?

Cueshé on the Wish Bus

Local pop-rock band Cueshé performs their song ‘Stay’ on the Wish Bus. Did anyone feel the mid-00s nostalgia?

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