The best of YouTube: 'Mini-Me' buys himself a Tesla for Christmas

Well, sort of...
by Drei Laurel | Jan 11, 2018

'Mini-Me' buys a mini car. So what's Verne Troyer up to these days? Well, the former Austin Powers Mini-Me has been keeping himself busy with a personal vlog on YouTube. For Christmas, he bought himself a Tesla—one befitting his 81cm height. Watch his unboxing video here.


BMW refuels 'mid-drift' to break world record. A few days ago, BMW set out to beat the world record for 'longest vehicle drift in 8 hours' with the M5. Problem is, the car didn't have a fuel tank large enough to last that long. The solution? To refuel in the middle of the attempt. Frankly, we're more impressed with the dude in charge of the pump rather than the one manning the record-beating vehicle.


Catching the supercar 'Urine Bandit' of Atlanta. "That's not the complexion of any urine I've ever become familiar with." Man, the supercar sales business can't get any wilder than this.

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What's it like to own a Singer Porsche 911? Any self-respecting Porsche fan knows Singer Vehicle Design—the go-to company when it comes to customizing or personalizing the iconic 911. Listening to this owner share his experience owning one is the definition of bliss.


Everything you need to know about the Mini Cooper. Unless you're a car guy, the label 'motorsport royalty' isn't something you'd associate with a car as 'cute' or fashionable as the Mini Cooper. Thankfully, we know better. But for those who don't, watch this video.

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