Best of YouTube: 5 Reasons not to buy a manual-transmission car

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by Drei Laurel | Oct 9, 2018
PHOTO: Engineering Explained

Why you shouldn't buy a car with a manual transmission

We love manual transmissions. Anyone with a passion for driving will say that there's just nothing like the feeling of having complete control over one's gears. That said, owning a manual-transmission car isn't always ideal. Here are five reasons why.

Why you shouldn't buy a car with an automatic transmission

Hey, since Engineering Explained broke down the downsides of manual transmissions, it's only fair he does the same for automatic ones, right?

Video-game launches are a pretty big deal, too

In the auto industry, car manufacturers always want to turn major car launches into a spectacles. Sometimes, this entails pyrotechnics, off-road courses, and even track days. Turns out it's the same thing when it comes to launching racing games, too.

The Shell Eco-marathon is more fun than it looks

Speed and fun aren't everything when it comes to cars, you know. They're just almost everything. On a more serious note, when it comes down to the big picture, getting people places in the most fuel-efficient manner possible is just as big a deal. And it's events like this that help point the way forward to a more sustainable automotive future.

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Tesla Model 3 center console tricks cop

Remember when someone got pulled over for violating the Anti-Distracted Driving Law because of his Mazda's stock touchscreen? Well, apparently, it happens with Tesla's, too.

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PHOTO: Engineering Explained
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