Best of YouTube: Why you shouldn’t skip that scheduled oil change

Your engine will thank you for it
by Lije Martin | Dec 30, 2019

Don’t put off it off any longer

Regular oil changes are important in keeping your car’s engine functioning well. Here’s Engineering Explained to elaborate on what happens when you forget to change your oil.

Billie Eilish on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

The young and talented Billie Eilish joins James Corden in his late night show’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ segment even giving him a a tour of her childhood home and making him quiver with her pet spider.

Motorized for the mountains

This guy has assembled what is essentially a motorized mountain bike and puts it to the test on rough mountain trails. “Motorizing a bicycle isn’t the newest idea—it’s the oldest,” he says, referring to the first motorcycle ever invented.

Want to personalize your helmet? Check this out

Is your helmet design not to your liking? Here’s how to change that with some spray paint, sandpaper, and clear coat. Fair warning: It’s a tedious process with risks, but when done correctly, the results are amazing.

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Not your typical Formula 1 season recap

For the second year running, Formula 1 takes some random snippets of race commentary and car-to-pit-wall radio messages, and reimagines them into totally different animated scenarios. We’re looking forward to next year’s recap already.

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