Best of YouTube: This Pandem Mazda RX-7 looks as beautiful as it sounds

Hot damn
by Lije Martin | Jan 23, 2020

This is one clean Mazda RX-7

The paint job and Pandem bodykit are enough to give this RX-7 stares (plus the fact that it’s an RX-7), but for us, the real highlight of this car is the three-rotor 20B sitting in the engine bay. Just listen to it.

Wife spray-paints husband’s BMW i8

About to head out, this guy discovers his BMW i8 absolutely vandalized in spray paint. Furious at the situation, he investigates to find the culprit.

A tribute to the humble Toyota Yaris

“It’s easier to imagine this in the garage of a more pragmatic driver—someone who still believes in holding on to something until it no longer functions rather than trading up the moment that thing becomes outdated,” says Mr. Regular as he describes the friendly and reliable second-generation Toyota Yaris.

Check out this vintage BMW

This 1960 BMW R60/2 is a gorgeous example of the classic designs that bikes had in the ’60s, which you still see a lot of today.

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Battle of two ’90s Civics

Both the EG and EK Civic chassis are favorites among Honda enthusiasts. These two, in particular, have almost identical setups. But which one will reign supreme?

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