Best of YouTube: How to safely start a fire using your car

This could be a lifesaver in emergency situations
by Lije Martin | Oct 26, 2019

Talk about ignition

If you’re out on a camping trip and need to start a fire, here are some ways your car can help you do that. Note: Only try these methods if an easier way to create a fire (for instance, using a lighter) is not available to you.

The elements of a show car and a race car

In the world of aftermarket modifications, parts and accessories will always fall under two categories: form and function. A car can either become a ‘show car’ or a ‘race car/off-roader’ depending on which category the owner favors.

The ‘wheelie-machine’ that is the SV650

The first-generation Suzuki SV650 started out as a budget option in the 600cc market. ‘Budget,’ however, doesn’t necessarily mean ‘beginner-friendly’ as the SV650 had a lot of low-range torque and no computer to help you handle it—imagine a newbie trying to deal with jumpy throttle control.

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Possibly the most ‘mini’ of them all

Imagine making a Mini even smaller than it already is. This custom Mini was made by a 19-year-old with his friends back in the ’80s to drive to school every day. Almost 40 years later, it’s still here and running strong!

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Driving through Death Valley in a Ford GT

Aside from its astonishing view of the desert, Death Valley in California, is also known for its long stretch of roads, intense heat, and poor mobile-phone service. Getting stuck in the middle of this desert could mean hours of waiting before help arrives. With that said, can this Ford GT make it through Death Valley with no problems? Or will it succumb to the heat and its own thirst for petrol?

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PHOTO: Team O'Neil Rally School (from YouTube)
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