Best of YouTube: Subaru STI covers 30km on the Autobahn in only 7 minutes

Cruising at 260kph
by Lije Martin | Dec 3, 2019

Only in Germany

The German Autobahn is what fast drivers dream of: a seemingly endless smooth road with lax speed limits and disciplined drivers who keep the left lane vacant because, well, ‘there’s always someone going faster than you on the Autobahn.’ This Subaru WRX STI driver is able to cover 30km in only seven minutes total, doing an average speed of 260kph. Coming from a land of heavy traffic, this video is pure therapy.

A Mazda MX-5 gets an LS1 transplant

This Mazda Miata NB has been engine-swapped with a 402hp LS1 V8 from a Camaro SS. Thanks to modifications for weight reduction, the car is still around the same weight it would be with the stock engine, says the owner. Do the math on the horsepower difference and you’ve got yourself one hell of a go-kart.

Ramon Bautista takes the Suzuki Jimny out on a spin

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The Jimny is undoubtedly a crowd favorite among Filipinos. It’s a small but capable off-roader, and a head-turner when on the road. We’ve featured a couple of cool Jimnys from the 2019 Manila Auto Salon in a previous article—read it and check out the different ways enthusiasts customize their own Jimnys. With that, here’s Ramon Bautista’s take on the beloved Suzuki Jimny.

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Definitely a stopover for Honda enthusiasts going to Tokyo

Honda fans, you’re going to want to see this: the Type One garage and tuning workshop in Tokyo, Japan. It specializes in all sorts of legendary and debatably ‘future legendary’ Hondas, and this video features the whole lineup. Enjoy.

Watch this 10-minute MK4 Supra build

Last but definitely not the least, a clean MK4 Supra gets tuned and modified. Check out its transformation in this 10-minute video.

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