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The automotive lifestyle can be all-consuming. There's the actual driving part, which in our country can amount to several hours in a day. Then there's the stuff surrounding that—buying aftermarket parts, spending time on Facebook groups or with your car club buddies, and watching endless hours of Formula 1 or your favorite DIY show or vlogger.

On top of all that, you probably even read endless car articles on your smartphone or laptop, which is how you ended up here. Top Gear Philippines' Feature Articles section encompasses every aspect of car culture. Here, we discuss automotive tips and trucks, relevant motoring issues, unique cars, and the stories of people just like you who embody the lifestyle.

Regardless of what kind of gearhead you identify as, you're sure to find something fun and relatable in this section. So if you find an article you like, sit back, relax, and enjoy your read.
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