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Since our magazine's theme for this month is "Car Craze," let's talk about what is possibly the craziest thing a person can do to express his or her love of cars. We're referring to car-themed tattoos. You will recall that we featured early this year Mini's brand manager for Asia-Pacific, Preecha Ninatkiattikul, who had a winged Mini Cooper tattooed on his right arm just to show is allegiance to the brand. Surely, there are people crazier than he is.

We think getting a tattoo is one of the craziest things you can do to prove your passion for cars. It easily beats any form or scale of modification that you can do to your ride, just because it's your own body you're sacrificing here. If you get tired of the alloy wheels you've slapped on your car, for instance, you can just replace them. But a tattoo is permanent. Sure, you can have it removed, but it's a bit painful and there's no guarantee the remaining mark won't be ugly.

So we trawled the web for photos of car tattoos, just to see what people are willing to ink their bodies with in the name of car-craziness. We found five levels of craziness.


#5 Regular craziness: Nothing special here. Just your ordinary upper-arm tattoo. But still, it's more impressive than merely joining a car club and going to its monthly track day. (Image from

Car-crazy tattoo #5


#4 Amusing craziness: Here, the image gets a little more unique and the body part gets more intimate. Extra points if the tattoo is a specific car brand. (Image from

Car-crazy tattoo #4


#3 Serious craziness: No more hidden body parts here. The tattoo is there for everyone to see and admire. Plus, the artwork is much more intricate. (Image from


Car-crazy tattoo #3


#2 Extreme craziness: At this level, you just don't give a hoot anymore about what other people will say. You simply want to tell the world that you're, well, crazy about cars. (Image from

Car-crazy tattoo #2


#1 Out-of-this-world craziness: We're not sure if we can ever find the words to describe this level of devotion to cars, but we're in awe. This German dude had the word "Mini" tattooed on his genitals for a chance to win a brand-new Mini Cooper in a contest that dared participants to show the craziest thing that they would do to get a free Mini. (Image from

Car-crazy tattoo #1

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