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Ron Howard directing Rush

Many of those who have seen the movie Rush are already declaring it to quite possibly be the greatest motorsport-themed motion picture of all time. And that's not really surprising, considering the man behind the camera is Ron Howard, who won an Academy Award for best director for the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind. His directorial resume also includes Cocoon, Far And Away, Apollo 13, Cinderella Man and The Da Vinci Code, among others.

Now, here's an interesting piece of trivia about the 59-year-old American director. Howard's first-ever full-length film as a director was a movie called...Grand Theft Auto, a 1977 comedy in which he also starred. The term, by the way, is pop-speak for car theft.

In the movie, Howard plays the role of a normal guy whose girlfriend belongs to a rich family. The girlfriend's father disapproves of the relationship and makes known his intent to pair her with a wealthy boy. The girl then runs away from their house, bringing with her the family's Rolls-Royce and fetching her rejected lover. An epic joyride ensues.

Here's wishing Ron Howard directs another car movie. He seems to get it, judging by all the motoring action in Rush. Do yourself a huge favor and watch it if you can.


Ron Howard in the film Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto the movie

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