There's over P240 million worth of cars in the 'Crazy Rich Asians' trailer

And that's just the trailer
Apr 28, 2018

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. dropped the trailer of the upcoming movie Crazy Rich Asians. And if you haven’t guessed yet what the story is about based on the title, it’s about a middle-class, American-born Chinese woman traveling to Singapore with her boyfriend to meet his family, and of course, they’re not just rich, but crazy rich. 

We’re big fans of the snarky (and extremely funny) book. We also felt giddy reading car easter eggs throughout the trilogy (China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems). We’ve read about a red Ferrari 458 Italia crashing through the window of a Jimmy Choo shoe boutique in London. There’s also something about a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport being prepped like an F1 car for a drag race in Paris. A heartbreaking mention of a vintage Porsche 550 Spyder being scratched using a lightsaber. And probably the worst, a temperamental husband thrashing a vintage Porsche by bashing the hood with a samurai.

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In the film’s two-minute trailer, we managed to spot, identify, and estimate some of the cars we’ll be seeing on the big screen. This doesn't include cars that were only partially shown or flashed too quickly.

Disclaimer: Most prices are estimates. Please note that some of these cars are listed as PUR (Price Upon Request) in our Buyer’s Guide and that some models are priced according to published SRPs on global websites and converted to Philippine pesos, so they don’t include taxes. Also, some models like the McLaren or the BMW i8 aren't officially available here.

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*McLaren MP4-12C - P16,500,000 (what it's going for in the used market)

*Rolls-Royce Wraith - P38,000,000

*Lamborghini Aventador - P45,000,000

*Audi Q7 - P8,000,000

*Audi R8 - P12,500,000

*Mercedes-AMG GT - P14,380, 000

*BMW i8 - P15,000,000 (gray market price)

*Land Rover Defender - P3,000,000 (if you can find one)

*Ferrari F430 Spider - P11,000,000 (our guess)

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*Jeep Wrangler - P2,500,000

*Rolls-Royce Ghost - P34,000,000 x 2

*Jaguar XJ - P8,800,000

That’s almost around P242,680,000 worth of cars—give or take a million or three—in just one trailer. From our viewpoint, the film definitely lives up to its title.

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