Ferrari (and Niki Lauda\'s) mechanics lay down verdict on \'Rush\'

Is the film true to reality?
Sep 25, 2013


Ferrari recently put together a special premiere viewing of Ron Howard\'s Rush for all of its employees free of charge at its Maranello Auditorium. According to the Italian carmaker, of the more than 1,500 people who attended the screening, a few were directly involved in the 1976 Formula 1 season that was depicted in the film.

So, how did they find Howard\'s retelling of that exciting and dramatic season?

\"The essence of the story is there in the film, if a bit exaggerated,\" said Ermanno Cuoghi, who served as Niki Lauda\'s chief mechanic at Ferrari. \"It is too focused on the drivers. For example, it\'s true that Niki was a great test driver, but he did not design the suspension.\"

Understandably, the veterans who lived through that season weren\'t generous in rating the film, with the scores reportedly ranging from measly to a more encouraging 7 or 8 out of a total of 10. Apparently, those who rated the film enthisuastically are those who heard about the epic season from older colleagues or those who read about it in books.

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What score would you give Rush?

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