How to avoid these 5 inefficient driving mistakes

We all need to cut back these days, so every last drop of fuel counts
5 days ago
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While we’ve all missed the open road, the thought of going out again can still be a little overwhelming for some. There are obvious health and safety risks, of course, but also... there’s fuel money to worry about. After months of driving much less than we used to (or not driving at all), you'd be forgiven for feeling hesitant to shell out thousands a month for fuel again.

But remember that there are a lot of small, easy ways to save time and money, even if you’re driving regularly. You can start by taking note of the gas-guzzling mistakes you often make, like overusing the AC or flooring the accelerator too often.

Here are some common driving mistakes you need to steer clear of, ASAP, so you can scrimp on fuel:

Idling your vehicle.

Idling for long periods of time can be harmful in different ways. First, it releases emissions that contribute to air pollution. But also, it also wastes fuel and increases overall engine wear. So if you’re in your car waiting for someone, best to turn off your engine and restart it once you’re ready to go.

Slamming on the brakes.

For a fuel-efficient ride, try to go easy on your pedals. Maintain a steady speed on the road and accelerate smoothly as necessary. But if you’re in a hurry, chances are, you’re driving aggressively without even knowing it. Which brings us to the next inefficient mistake you need to avoid...

Hitting the road without a plan.

Gone are the days of random road trips and last-minute shopping. Given the pandemic at hand, we have to plan our lives accordingly and stock up on essentials ahead of time. Whether you’re going out for a quick errand, for work, or to a doctor’s appointment, plan your route before leaving the house. If it doesn’t serve an essential purpose, best to take a rain check and focus on more important trips instead. Knowing where and when to go saves time, energy, and fuel.

Running on the wrong fuel.

Pay attention to your car whenever you gas up. If you drive away with the wrong fuel in the mix, it might cause costly damage to your engine. And when it comes to choosing the premium fuels, check first if it suits your engine. Otherwise, it may just cost you more without significantly improving your car’s performance.

Ignoring rewards and promos.

Rewards and promos are especially helpful now that we’re in the middle of a health crisis with huge economic repercussions. So whenever there’s a chance to score great deals, don’t think twice, make every peso count.

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