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Wife's reaction to the Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 is a sports car with only two practical seats (the ones at the back are basically nonexistent). We need not point out that it's not a family car. Even a sixth-grader will tell you that. In fact, a guy who buys an 86 will most likely use it to play on the track or to look good in the eyes of girls or to simply feel good about himself. There's nothing husbandly or fatherly about this car.

It's not hard to imagine, therefore, that husbands will have a hard time convincing their wives to allow them to purchase an 86, never mind if it's relatively affordable. Well, there's a viral Toyota 86 video showing the various reactions that wives give their significant others when told that the latter just bought a compact coupe.

If you're married, would your wife react the same way? Watch the video.


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