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If you already have a copy of our May 2011 issue, you know that our featured Car-Struck personality is funny man Ramon Bautista, interviewed by our very own Anna Barbara Lorenzo. In the photograph accompanying the article, Ramon poses with a current-model Mitsubishi Lancer that he doesn't own. He explains that this is because his personal car--an old 1.3-liter Lancer--is presently confined in some shop undergoing its "ultimate transformation." As for the car's unique properties, he gives us the following clue as to the kind of high-tech equipment it has: "Rosary lang ang safety feature ng kotse ko, hindi ko pa alam i-operate."

Now, because we want to give you an idea what Ramon's car actually looks like--including its "rosary safety feature"--we're sharing this eight-minute YouTube clip showing our favorite comedian terrorizing drag racers at Clark International Speedway last year. It was posted by YouTube user nineneil. Here it is...

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