Oris’ new mechanical watch wows with long 10-day power reserve

Most mechanical watches offer only two days of time accuracy
Sep 16, 2019
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It's easy to dismiss the technology behind mechanical watches. Ever since the quartz revolution took place in the 1970s, battery-powered watches have become the norm, and we've come to expect that our timepieces will simply remain operational for months and even years on end as they sit tucked away in a desk.

Even today with the advent of smartwatches, a simple plug into a charger ensures that your watch will continue to run.

However, true watch enthusiasts still appreciate the thrill of winding a mechanical watch to get it going, and are constantly amazed at how electricity-free gears and levers can operate at such a high level of complexity. Oris is one such watchmaker that continues to push the envelope of mechanical watch technology.

Whereas most mechanical watches only offer around two days' worth of running time, the Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115 offers a 10-day power reserve. That's not only impressive from an engineering standpoint; it also competes with the power reserves of more luxurious Swiss watch brands.

As the name implies, the Big Crown ProPilot is a hefty timepiece, featuring a 44mm titanium case. True to its name, its design is inspired by the aviation industry.

An added bonus is the skeleton dial, which gives a fascinating look at all the moving parts behind its operation. Its movement is designed in-house, and there's also a power-reserve indicator on the dial to let you know how many days it has left of running time.

With Superluminova lume to boot, it's a watch that manages to stand out and blend in at the same time, thereby guaranteeing it'll suit almost any outfit you choose to wear.

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