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So we're not exactly fashion experts here at Top Gear PH. Not when our daily attire consists of broken-in jeans and a never-ending rotation of car-related T-shirts. But when the photos here popped up on our radar, we got curious—mostly because of their obvious relation to cars.

It turns out that Toyota has partnered with a top Japanese streetwear designer to create new uniforms for its Toyopet facilities. White Mountaineering's Yosuke Aizawa joined Toyota's team to combine workshop functionality with street swagger. The result is racing suit-inspired gear with clean, minimalist lines on practical, hard-wearing materials. 

Toyota says that the outfits were created based on five tenets: To express the identity of Toyopet, arouse pride in being a member of Team Toyota, attract customer attention, inspire aspiring engineers with the youthful design, and be a reflection of the workers themselves. Again, we're no experts, but we like the look of the suits so hopefully Toyota achieves those goals. 

Aside from the suit, the outfit also comes with matching sneakers and caps. The two designs are dubbed Regular Crew and Top Crew, assigned depending on the employee's rank. Would you be proud to rock these to work? 

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