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Lego, being square, isn’t ideal for creating accurate representations of sports cars, which tends to be either swoopy and round, or sort of triangular. There’s a reason the Ferrari P3 or Jaguar E-Type weren’t made out of Denmark’s premier plastic puzzle, and it’s only slightly because it wasn’t invented back then.

Enter the Nissan GT-R. It’s as upright as a block of flats, as sheer and boxy as a shipping container full of Rubik’s cubes. So when it comes to immortalizing one in Lego, you don’t need to cheat, like Lego itself does, and use those flexi-pipe pieces to make a sort of spaceframe caricature of the bodywork (we’re looking at you, GT3 RS).

This Nissan GT-R Nismo has been created by Lego expert and Godzilla fan Firas Abu-Jaber, with the red pinstriping, taller rear wing and 3.8-liter, 592hp bi-turbo V6 all recreated in brick form. That’s recognizably a GT-R. It’s even got a plasticky interior, ha-ha-ha.

Sadly, this isn’t in the offing to become an official Lego kit, partly because it’s intensely complicated but also because it looks far too like the car it’s aping. Hopefully Firas can do us an accurate Tesla Model S next, and the Lego YouTube drag race fanboy set will be complete.

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