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Top Gear Philippines

Our magazine's August 2016 issue highlights "toy cars." Actually, if you want to know the truth, we just used it as an excuse to showcase our passion for automotive playthings. Yes, from myself to my fellow editors, the Top Gear Philippines team is remarkably hooked on miniature automobiles. Show us a toy store and we'll go inside in search of possible loot.

Some people may dismiss our hobby as juvenile at best and futile at worst. But is it really? Are toy cars nothing more than a trivial diversion among adult men who stubbornly refuse to grow up? Well, not really.

A quick check with hobby-specific websites will tell you that real money can be made from toy cars. Not that it's our ultimate goal. We're just saying that collecting toys isn't entirely pointless.

The e-commerce website eBay, for instance, is teeming with old toy cars being sold online, and you'll be surprised with the prices said toys swap hands for. What may appear cheap to you could be worth a lifetime of memories to someone else. One of these items is the above Hot Wheels Mustang, which--at the time we found it--had a bid of $450 (P21,200). The seller claimed it was from the '60s, and that it was "clean and looked super, with a few nicks in the hood and some minor paint fade behind the hood scoop."

So, if you're feeling guilty about spending too much on your toy car collection, just tell yourself you'd be able to pass it along to your kids, who could then reap the dividends for themselves someday. Like a trust fund, if you will. (Okay, yes, we're just rationalizing our addiction.)

Anyway, here are 10 more toy cars we spotted on eBay that now command a lot of coin. We included one Hot Wheels model with and without the original pack it came in--and with different color schemes--just to show the difference that intact packaging makes on a toy car's value.

Time to dust off your father's stuff in the attic.


Matchbox No. 34 Chevy Pro Stocker - $270 (P12,700)


Tonka State Highway Custom King Cab Pickup - $450 (P21,200)


Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 1967 Camaro - $520 (P24,500)


Hot Wheels Redline Olds 442 - $750 (P35,300)


Hot Wheels Redline Olds 442 - $1,600 (P75,000)


Tipp motorcycle - $316 (P14,800)


Matchbox Superfast No. 71 Ford Wreck Truck - $170 (P8,000)



Hubley Chrysler Airflow - $770 (P36,200)


Aurora Thunderjet Dodge Charger slot car - $340 (P16,000)


Motor City USA 1932 Ford Roadster - $150 (P7,000)


Vernon B. Sarne
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