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For a car company with less than eight years of experience building road cars, McLaren is currently knocking them out at quite the rate.

Good ones at that. Last year, it gave us the 570S, the 675LT and the P1 GTR. Since then, it's added the 540S, 675LT Spider, 570 GT and other limited-run specials like the MSO HS, and a P1-inspired Long Tail. Now it’s gone and added another: the McLaren P1 toy car.

It’s an all-new entry-level, open-top all-electric variant of the 903hp P1 hypercar… for kids. Yep, it’s a little toy but one us overgrown man-children want to try and ride immediately.

We’re told it’s targeted at people under the age of six. But we’re willing to risk horrible leg cramps to have a go. Because just look at it. Zero to 4.8kph? Two seconds! That’s via instant electrical torque and three forward gears. And yes, that’s its limit. But it does also have reverse. Reverse!

There are mod-cons, too. With the press of a handy, a one-button stop/start function the P1 automatically activates the lights and ‘air-conditioning’ unit. There’s also an MP3 player and audio system. Swish.

Unfortunately, even McLaren Special Operations won’t pimp this one out for you, and there’s only one color available: Volcano Yellow. But if you’re six-years old, that doesn’t matter. Because when you’re six-years old yellow is the best color in the world.

Want one? Well, it’ll be £375 (P23k). Which, compared to the actual full-scale P1, is a steal. No, really. It equates to £125 (P7.8k) per mile an hour of potential top speed. Which is a whole lot cheaper than the £3,972 (P246.7k) of the P1. See, Top Gear math prevails again.

Note: This article first appeared on Minor edits have been made. 

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