Simulator rig maker creates curved 55-inch OLED triple display

Perfect for Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport
Jun 6, 2014 Philippine Car News - Simulator rig maker creates curved 55-inch OLED triple display

Simulator rig manufacturer Vesaro has come up with what it believes is a world first: a rig that features a curved 55-inch OLED triple display "for an immersive experience that will leave you breathless."

In partnership with electronics manufacturer LG, the Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition Extreme 55-inch curved OLED display supposedly offers 165 inches' worth of screen real estate that wraps around the rig's seat, "giving a level of immersion just not possible with three flat screens."

Vesaro claims that while using triple projectors for a curved screen offers a greater curvature for the display area, it can't compare with the practicality of using a triple LED or OLED display that uses a single remote key press to instantly switch all three screens on or off, and doesn't experience issues with lighting conditions unlike those with projection-style setups.

Powering the screens is Vesaro's own system that makes use of two Radeon HD7990 6GB graphics cards housed in a double-width brushed-aluminum case. The rig's motion system is made up of four actuators that allow movement of up to six inches, which supposedly takes the Evolve Special Edition Extreme's range of movement "to a new level of extreme realism." The rig's seat is provided by Cobra, with customers being able to choose from the manufacturer's compatible products.

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According to Vesaro, the triple display has carbon-fiber backs, "making them as stunning to look at from the rear as from the front," while the screen itself is 4mm thick.

The price of the Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition Extreme starts at £45,930 (P3.37 million).

Watch the video below to see the gaming rig in action.


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