WATCH: How to make the most of every pit stop on your next road trip

Efficient pit stops win races—and leisurely road trips
Jan 28, 2020
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There's a reason why people love the idea of going on a road trip: Whether it's out to the beaches of Batangas or up to the mountains of Baguio, a nice, long drive allows you to escape from the city's frantic pace of life.

But before you toss your worries out the car window, remember that every road trip requires that you take your vehicle in for a pit stop early on, to make sure everything's in order. That being said, these things don’t have to take too long—when done efficiently, you can spend more time enjoying the road and your destination. Auto vlogger Reph Bangsil—who restores classic cars and frequently hits the road for long drives—can walk you through some tips to help you make the most out of your pit stop:

The thing about road trips is that sometimes, they can take weeks to plan, but they can also happen spontaneously, with little else but the prodding of a few close friends. But regardless, a road trip's first pit stop represents a moment of clarity: it's when you realize you’re actually away from it all to have a good time. It's the Hindi na 'to drawing, guys, ito na talaga! moment.

But don't let yourself get carried away by that sudden realization. Pit stops are crucial especially for longer drives. The pit stop is your last good chance to prepare what you need for the long journey ahead. These are some tips for making your pit stop as efficient as possible:

Fuel up
‘Duh!’ Something as obvious as this can sometimes get overlooked or deprioritized. First on your list is to fuel up. Get it out of the way as soon as you pull up to the station. While the driver is lining up at the queue, other passengers can pick up the necessities at the store.

Windshields and engine
While fueling up, get your windshield cleaned and your oil and coolant checked. They go a long way towards making sure you get to your destination without speedbumps like overheating and other engine problems.

Take out the trash
You’ll want to utilize all the space in your vehicle, so don’t waste it on unnecessary things like trash. Get rid of them while you’re at the pit stop, because who knows when you’ll come across the next trash bin. To save time and distribute tasks, have a passenger do this while you're fueling up.

Check your tire pressure
After having your windshield cleaned and engine checked, make sure your tires are properly inflated. For longer drives, keeping your tires at optimal pressure will not only make your ride more comfortable—it will also give you better fuel economy.

Bathroom break
Go to the bathroom while you can. Even if you don’t have to go just yet, just go. Tell everyone in your party to go, too. It could save you a stopover, or the indignity of having to take a leak by the side of the road (which really shouldn't be an option in most cases).

Grab a bite to eat
You’ll want to grab a good meal before you head off. To save time, Drive-Thru is your best option. Jollibee at Petron along the SLEX Southbound lane has dual lane Drive-Thru—the first of its kind in the country—to make things faster and more efficient. To help with this, the store also has a Food Conveyor system that brings your order straight to the Drive-Thru window from the kitchen.

But if you happen to have some time to burn, you can choose to stay. Hop out the car, stretch your limbs, and enjoy your meal at the Jollibee Level Up Joy Store, which is equipped with features like Self-Ordering Kiosks and built-in wireless charging pads on selected tables to charge your phones. It's a bright, spacious new Jollibee where you can recharge before heading back out on the road.

Fueling up doesn’t just mean taking care of your car and the things you need to bring with you; it also means taking care of yourself and your companions before continuing the journey ahead. The Jollibee Level Up Joy Store is all about that.

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