You know a car is owned by a Filipino when...

We ask people on Facebook to finish the sentence
Sep 17, 2011

On our Facebook page the other day, we posted the following incomplete sentence and asked people to finish it:

"You know a car is owned by a Filipino when..."

The answers, as expected, were funny and interesting. We now pick the top 20 and share them with you.

1. It has "sponsor" stickers on it even if the car does not have the brands in it. - Mon Mantuano

2. It has a rosary on the rear-view mirror. - Tyrone Ty

3. It has chrome accessories everywhere. - Germain Alilio

4. It doesn't follow traffic rules. - Marvin Limchu

5. It is a 4x4 but is rarely used off-road. - Erick Herrera

6. It has a huge-ass spoiler even if it isn't a racing car. - Floyd Clinton Te

7. The plastic cover on its interior panels hasn't been removed. - Johnny Be Good

8. It has stickers showing the names of all the family members. - Alan Oliveros

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9. It has a box of tissue paper. - Rogelio Alavaro Jr.

10. The conduction sticker is still there. - Tony Belo

11. It has a sticker of Calvin pissing on the fuel tank lid. - Alvin Pascual

12. There's a Euro plate under the Philippine license plate. - John Martin Balinghasay

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13. The horn keeps blaring. - Sherwin Diaz

14. It tailgates an ambulance. - Wenjie Borja

15. It's picking up or unloading passengers in a no-loading/unloading zone. - Doi Villanueva

16. It's too dilapidated already. - Ichie Navarez

17. It has a Ralliart sticker even if it isn't a Mitsubishi, or a Nismo sticker even it isn't a Nissan, or a TRD sticker even if it isn't a Toyota, or a Mugen sticker even if it isn't a Honda. - Allen Neil Pajarellano

18. The driver is smoking. - Mav Peñano

19. It has a yellow-ribbon sticker. - Laurence Maniego

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20. It has a sticker that says, "God bless our trip." - Jmarc Valenzuela

So, did they miss any other unique indicator that a car is Pinoy-owned?

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