5 Things every car owner needs to know about extended car warranties

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Sep 24, 2019
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These days, simply sizing up a car’s features isn’t enough when you’re in the market for a new ride. With the increasing risk of urban driving hazards (think reckless drivers, narrow thoroughfares, and poorly paved roads), getting an extended warranty is another important consideration.

But is it actually worth it? Keep these factors in mind before you get that prolonged health insurance for your vehicle:

1) The coverage of the service

Ask yourself: Is it customizable? What repairs and services does it cover?

Good extended warranties are flexible and extensive. Some services can be tailored to your car’s needs, which comes in handy for replacing parts that are susceptible to damage or keeping your car in good shape if you lean toward driving in rougher conditions. In terms of coverage, check the “exclusion lists” in detail. You need to know exactly what you’re getting into.

2) The price of the extension

Ask yourself: How much does it cost? Can you really afford it?

Some warranties might seem pricey at first, but constantly shelling out for repairs can be more expensive in the long term. Most services cover costly restorations and replacements—and it helps that they’re usually negotiable.

3) The provider of the service

Ask yourself: Is it a third-party warranty provider backed by the manufacturer?

In some cases, warranty providers aren’t directly associated with car manufacturers. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s a good idea to find one with a good reputation. Restricted facilities and location validity often become an issue when it comes to third-parties.

4) The age of your car

Ask yourself: Is it shiny or secondhand?

The need for an extended warranty varies depending on your car’s age. It’s perfect for loyal owners who plan to drive their new baby for a long, long time. If you’re driving a vehicle that’s already seen some mileage, a quick check on Google will often let you know what problems owners of your car model usually run into and what kind of servicing your ride may need down the road.

5) The way you drive

Ask yourself: How am I on the road?

At the end of the day, you only need to look at who’s behind the wheel to decide if an extended warranty really is for you. If you’re an extra-cautious motorist, think it over before getting one: You may not need it. But if you’re always anxious about the hazards of daily driving, it wouldn’t hurt to inquire.

That being said, you don’t need to worry about any of that if you’re buying a Hyundai. With the Korean automaker’s 5x5 Promo running until November 30, new purchases of the Grand Starex, Santa Fe, and Tucson will all be getting five years of preventive maintenance services for free – a first in the local industry – on top of their five-year unlimited mileage warranty. These services will be provided by the brand’s network of 41 dealerships supported by Hyundai’s in-house customer service, HCares Support.

You can find out more about Hyundai’s 5x5 Promo on its website.

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